AU Patent No 2011 236 034 Flexible Roadside Guidepost  AU Inv 2009 100 558

“Our Innovative Design and Technology Guarantees Performance”

Australia’s Fastest Growing Roadside Guidepost company supplies a SUPERIOR QUALITY STEEL INSTALLATION PEG!


  • Futureglow Pty Limited is Australian owned and operated.
  • Futureglow delivers an innovative Flexible Guidepost that is N.A.T.A. Accredited, 360 degree self-righting, U.V. stabilised, fully recyclable, durable and price competitive.
  • Futureglow  roadside guideposts’s unique blade/hinge locking system meets all Australian specifications.
  • Three installation options for maximum anchorage in the toughest of roadside shoulders and terrains.
  • Steel or polycarbonate peg, polycarbonate flush mount.

Manufactured by a Leading NSW Plastics Injection Moulding company with 21 years of experience in design and moulding, Futureglow’s patented Guideposts deliver Superior Quality for the Roads and Construction Industry.

Australian Owned
360 Degree Self-righting

360 Degree Self-righting

The dynamic 360 degree self-righting ability is a key feature of our guideposts.
Maximum anchorage

Maximum Anchorage

Suitable for even the toughest roadside conditions and soil types.
Steel and Polycarbonate Peg

Steel or Poly Peg

Choose from steel or polycarbonate pegs to best suit your application.

Polycarbonate Flush Mount

Polycarbonate Flush Mount

The polycarboante flush mount system for use instead of pegs.


Futureglow - the best guidepost on the market

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